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Call me Anat.
אהבת אדמה
Yesterday was mouse-themed 
30th-Aug-2012 01:38 pm
K is for Kate . . .
The first thing I did upon waking was clean up a regurgitated mouse from the bathroom floor.

The last thing I did was clean up a mouse head and a bit of innard Soph had left for me on my seat up in the stair-loft.  It was well-meant . . . and to be honest, kind of cute.  But maybe it's just that I'm inured to the blood and guts.

And in the middle of the day I took both cats to the vet and discussed mousing with her, and watched while she de-wormed them.  Here's hoping today's theme will be quite different.  Chocolate would be nice.  Or surprise presents in the mail.
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